An Argument for Homeschooling

The first public school was established in 1635, before then, and even after, parents were responsible for their child’s education. No one was telling parents that they weren’t smart enough to teach their own children. There also wasn’t a worry for Christian parents if they made the decision to send their child to a publicContinue reading “An Argument for Homeschooling”

90 Day Bible Reading Plan for Kids

If you’re on Instagram, you might’ve seen that I am hosting a 90 day Bible Reading Challenge with Jennifer ( @gospeladorned ) and Jessica ( @my.journey.with.jesus ). I had the thought that it would be fun to get our kids involved! Nothing better than reading the Bible along side your kids, right? So, I createdContinue reading “90 Day Bible Reading Plan for Kids”

Our Preschool Plan for 2020/21

I had mentioned on Instagram that I had decided to change my preschool plan on the 3rd week of the school year. Honestly, I’m not the least bit surprised that I did. I hastily threw a plan together for my 4 year old at the last second because I didn’t realize until the week beforeContinue reading “Our Preschool Plan for 2020/21”