Why Don’t Women’s Bible Studies Study the Bible?

“You should come to our women’s bible study on Monday nights.”  “That sounds great. What are you studying?” “We’re going through ‘Present over Perfect’ by Shauna Niequist.” “Uh…” My husband and I have moved numerous times over the course of our 15 year marriage, and I have had that same conversation at different churches inContinue reading “Why Don’t Women’s Bible Studies Study the Bible?”

“Does Having a Child Save Me?”

When people find out I have ten children, there is usually a lot of shock, to say the least. The looks alone, from believers and unbelievers alike, make me think that I grew green horns out of my forehead, all of a sudden. Not to mention the rather interesting and typical responses of “Do youContinue reading ““Does Having a Child Save Me?””

Head Coverings: The Second Series

I started a second head covering series because I was getting so many questions. Some could be answered with the first series that I did, but others needed to be addressed (or addressed with a longer answer!). I have put the first three questions that I answered in this second series into pdf form toContinue reading “Head Coverings: The Second Series”

Social Media: What’s Your Heart Behind It?

Social Media is an interesting place.  A place to spread the Gospel, and a place for keyboard warriors to have more courage than they actually do in face-to-face situations. Among other things. I’m on social media for two reasons and have two different accounts for each of these reasons. Personal. We move around a lotContinue reading “Social Media: What’s Your Heart Behind It?”