An Argument for Homeschooling

The first public school was established in 1635, before then, and even after, parents were responsible for their child’s education. No one was telling parents that they weren’t smart enough to teach their own children. There also wasn’t a worry for Christian parents if they made the decision to send their child to a public school because there were no laws forcing a parent to send them, or any laws prohibiting people to speak about Jesus in schools. Some of the curriculum was even Christian. Like the McGuffey readers from the 1800s that declare that their purpose was not only to help the child to read but to maintain a Christ-like character. Unfortunately, in 1920, public school became compulsory and the Christian curriculum soon got kicked out. 

Fast forward to the year 2021 and public schools are now teaching children about other “genders” and being “white” is “privilege”, among other horrible, false ideologies. Pushing the LGBTQ agenda has been happening for several years, in fact. Allowing boys in girls’ bathrooms and locker-rooms, inviting drag queens to story time, and pushing sex on young children. They don’t even make an effort to hid their anti-God sentiments and they start these evil teachings as young as kindergarten. As we deal with the new administration in the White House, it’s impossible to see how these things will not get worse and can even imagine that homeschooling will be abolished all together. The new Secretary of Education, Miguel Cardona, is a former public school administrator. He started as a teacher and then became a principle. As someone who has been involved in public school his entire career, its hard to see how Cardona would be an advocate for homeschooling or school choice. 

The average public schooler attends school for 32.5 hours a week. That’s 32.5 hours that the government has access to indoctrinating your child. God has blessed us with these children and has instructed us to bring them up in the fear and admonition of Him. When we place our children in public schools, we are delegating most of the responsibility of our children, and have completely passed the authority of their education, to the government. A government that is deceitful, worldly, and not God-honoring. Every parent thinks about their child’s future and education. But as a Christian parent, we must remember that this ties into the future of their eternal souls. 

Our kids will be salt and light” – Yeah, maybe they could be. But, are they even Christian yet? Have you taught them enough that isn’t drowned out by what they hear at school? Are you confident that your elementary, middle, or even high schooler is safe and armed with what they need in an immoral world? It’s easy to say that you can just tell your kids what they hear at school is wrong, but if the majority of who they are surrounded by is saying the opposite of you, it can be very confusing for them. “I should believe them when they tell me 2+2=4, but I can’t believe them when they tell me boys can be girls?”. It is also a huge possibility that they will fall with the majority, and be led astray by ungodly friends and teachers. You risk losing your voice of reasoning and authority.

I don’t want my children to be sheltered”- Homeschooling is not sheltering your child where they don’t even interact with the “outside world”. It’s a way to take control of your child’s education. To make sure they learn truth of God’s Word from you, not Satan’s lies from the government. Children still interact with friends, family members, church family, etc. You are just not giving up your authority and responsibility when it comes to how they are raised and educated.

I went through public school and I’m fine” – Sure, but would you actually consider your experience in public school as something that pointed you to Jesus? I know mine wasn’t. In fact, it took me further away. Each year, the government increases its immoral agenda in public schools. They have realized, just as much as we should, that it is better to train children while they are young. So, while public school indoctrination may not have been that bad or affected you very much, it is now 10, 20, 50% worse for your children. Are you confident that your children are safe and have the solid foundation they need in an immoral world? That they are constantly being pointed to Jesus?

Homeschooling can be hard, and it’s easy to take advantage of free schooling. We doubt our ability, our time, whether or not we can survive on one income, and much more. But have you ever wondered why the system that you (possibly) went through, is the same system telling you that you don’t have the ability to teach your child?

Public school is the epitome of conformity to the world, because it is run by the world.

While homeschooling is not the ultimate solution to our children’s salvation and walk with Jesus, because salvation belongs to the Lord, it is a much better way to educate our children without sending them to an immoral institution that teaches them lies.

Kids will be faced with sin and evil everywhere they turn, but let’s give them the solid foundation of God’s Word that they need to fight the evil first.

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