Family Easter Activity

I share this activity every year around Easter as it seems that almost everywhere I turn there is someone who is asking about kid activities to keep Easter focused on Christ.

My husband and I do a very simple one with our kids that always seems to have a big impact.

On Good Friday, we gather around the table and we write out our sins that we’ve each been dealing with on pieces of paper and put those in a bowl. We talk about Jesus on the cross and what He did for us. We pray together asking God’s forgiveness and thanking him for sending His Son. We cover the bowl with a red cloth and leave it in the middle of the table.

Then, Sunday morning, when the kids wake up, the red cloth is gone and the bowl is empty. Which always sparks more conversation about how He is now risen, and more prayer for thankfulness.

Very few materials needed and it seems to illustrate well.

If anyone else is looking for something meaningful to do Easter weekend, I pray this helps!

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