90 Day Bible Reading Plan for Kids

If you’re on Instagram, you might’ve seen that I am hosting a 90 day Bible Reading Challenge with Jennifer ( @gospeladorned ) and Jessica ( @my.journey.with.jesus ).

I had the thought that it would be fun to get our kids involved! Nothing better than reading the Bible along side your kids, right? So, I created a kids reading plan based off the original plan.

One thing to note: This is an OVERVIEW plan. Meaning, your kids won’t be reading the entire bible. If you would like your kids to read the entire bible, from cover to cover, then have them read following the regular plan. For elementary and middle school aged kids, a full bible in 90 days plan can be kind of intense, which is why I created a separate plan for kids. This plan has them read 3 chapters a day. Those 3 chapters are taken from each day’s readings of the “adult” plan. The chapters were designed to give them an “overview” of the Bible.

Grab the kids plan here!

I hope you and your kids join us for this journey through God’ Word! Don’t forget to follow along on Instagram for weekly encouragement!

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